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Make Google fall in love with your content and boost SEO

Do you remember those times when web texts were totally dispensable and that SEO was something that was barely talked about? Yes, that has long since passed and even things like buying links, the lack of personalization of the texts, the absurd keywords, are totally and absolutely not viable.

The truth is that Google has become a tyrant who does nothing more than put rules about what a web can or can not have if it wants to maintain its position in its search engine. Therefore, try to reward all those websites that strive with the top positions – without paying, of course -.


If you also of those who compete to get the much longed for gold when “google”, we leave the eight essential parameters for Google to like your content, according to Searchmetrics -.

Relevant and easy to read content

To get Google to like your content, it is still essential that long texts are written, although a long text is not enough, but it also has to allow digestion. Being legible is an essential requirement for Google to qualify the content as quality.

For this it is essential to write naturally, without the wording is forced because of the repetition of the keywords, if not it has to resemble a conversation or an ordinary story. In addition, it is preferable to use synonyms of keywords, either because they are from the same semantic field or because they are from the same subject .

Power long tail keywords 

That of keywords that have to be present all the time begins to be dispensable. But longtail keywords are a way to try to position yourself in Google  with several less important keywords instead of ranking with few important keywords. It is clear that it is essential to work with a series of keywords – especially to explain what we sell – but it is no longer necessary for them to be so present. According to the report, the best websites contain a low density of keywords -from 3% to 5% of 100% of the text-.


That the keywords are no longer so essential in the text or in the URL, does not imply that they are not essential data for Google to like your content. You have to work correctly the metadata of each of the pages so that Google knows what we are talking about concretely. This is your guide to be able to assess the positioning of the websites, at least in terms of content.

The usability

As much as Google’s algorithms are changing almost constantly, it does not mean that everything changes. The usability is still a must so that Google likes your content . The load time on the page, the bounce rate, clicks and searches give Google an estimate of how your page is.

If you have all these clear parameters and you know how to put them into practice, Google will fall in love with your content very soon ! Remember that for this to be possible not everything is worth or account, so it is essential that you read the algorithms published by Google about its regulations.

Internal link

Many times the internal linking is not taken into account from our website, firstly from the homepage, which is the page that accumulates the most authority and then from the services, categories, products or from the posts themselves, a good internal link will help us considerably to improve our raking. For example, if you have a tire store where you sell snow chains and it is winter you may want to promote that category or product linking it from other categories or products, if you give more strength google will consider it more relevant, cache more frequently and if you have other factors on the right page, surely you position that page better

Linked to External content

Because you do not put outgoing links to relevant content, you are afraid of losing the linkjuice  , if you link to relevant content that gives value to your post or content you do not have to have any fear and if it is a web that has relevance and you trust its practitioners, “It’s not blackhatera” , you do not need to use the nofollow tag


Inbound links

And of course, if you want to stop falling in love with your content, try to get links naturally to your content, or contact people with similar content that may be interesting to take a link to your content or why not, if you are a ” seo ” specialist in tricks “ and you have other blogs, get some link, always from similar content or similar themed websites. You can also publish press releases or publish to other blogs as a guest to link your content, but be careful that Google monitors you.

Social networks

Social networks do not directly help to position your content , that is, you can have 600 reviews, you can buy them, and that’s not why you’re going to position a content better, because those 600 purchased reviews will not bring you traffic. In short, if you share on social networks you will make your content more visible, you will obtain quality traffic and help position your content if you manage to capture the attention of the reader.

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