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Is it enough with the design for a good search engine positioning?

In general, there is a lot of talk about the design of web pages and how important it is. It is true that the design of a web page is essential for the user to be happy and happy while browsing the internet and making purchases on our website. However, the design does not cover all the needs, neither those of the user nor of the positioning in search engines .

search engine positioning

Recently, Google modified its algorithm, as we already mentioned. In it, a special mention was made to mobile friendly and what it would mean for websites that implemented it correctly. Although this new algorithm gave much to talk, little noise made the other parametersthat have to be taken into account for a website to be really friendly, both for the user and for search engine positioning.

Matter of content

As we have told you in innumerable occasions, the content on a web page is essential so that search engine positioning is the most appropriate . However, very few customers demand it. Besides being a guide for users, it is essential for Google’s spider to be able to locate exactly what kind of product we offer.

For this reason, in order for Google to love our content and for these to be taken into account when positioning, we must follow these parameters:

  • That the content is relevant . It has to be interesting. For this, Google will focus on the searches that are carried out in relation to the content and the time users spend on related pages.
  • Easy to read . Every text has to have a good structure.
  • Integration of Keywords . It is useless to put keywords to tuntún, they have to be integrated in the text

Question of SEO

SEO and content go hand in hand so it is essential that, while the contents are being worked on, SEO is worked on. This is the one that will really help us in search engine positioning . To do this, SEO ONPAGE and SEO OFFPAGE must be worked on, under these parameters:


  1. Work the keywords . Analyze keywords and use those that best relate to our content and products
  2. Work the Goals . The goals are, in essence, the information we are giving Google and the user so that he knows what we are talking about.
  3. H work . You have to create structure on the web using the H1, H2 …


  1. Creating a linkbuilding is essential through the dissemination of links and content
  2. Blog Networks . Create content and spread it under the name of the brand
    1. SEM . Working the SEM will help us to reinforce SEO and to be much more visible.

To better explain how to work correctly what you should do to improve search engine rankings , we leave you with the conference given by our colleague Amparo in vBote .