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Install WordPress (preinstallable)

The last thing left is to install WordPress itself that from the hosting service for WordPress to Siteground is the simplest thing in the world, literally a matter of 5 minutes.

We access our Siteground client panel with our username and password and click on the Hosting tab  and then  Go to cpanel


Once inside we look for the Autoinstallers option and select WordPress:


We click on the Install button  that will appear in the top row:


We select if we want our blog to go with 3 www or not (to each one’s choice, I like it better without them):


We give it a name and a description (we can change it later)


We choose an administrator user name and a password that will allow us to access the WordPress control panel. These are different from those in the Siteground customer area and may be the ones you want, but be sure to use a secure password ! On the other hand, use the email address that we created in our previous faq because it will be there where you recover the password in case of forgetting.


Now we just have to click on the install button :

And wait for the progress of the installation to end:

Once finished we can access our domain with WordPress installed and the admin panel by adding the / wp-admin   tag to the domain, for example