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How to connect to the webmail in CPanel

If you want to change the mail password, establish redirects of our accounts, manage emails on the server because we are running out of space or configure our email client automatically, we must access the webmail of our hosting. If we use CPanel, we must follow the following steps.


Access the account’s webmail.

For this, the address will be accessed:


Accept the security certificate

A message may appear indicating that the security certificate is not valid. Click on “Continue” (the message may be different depending on the browser).


Access the webmail with our data

In the next screen we will have to enter our email and our password.


Choose the webmail client that we are going to use

From the following screen we can perform several actions: change the password of our account, configure mail clients, establish redirects, answering machines, etc. The option that interests us is to access the mail.

We can access the mail using Horde or SquirelMail. We will click on “Horde”.


Choose the language of the webmail client

In the next screen we will choose the language that we want to use in the drop-down menu and click on “Log in”.


Manage our emails

Once in “Horde”, we can manage our mails in a normal way. We can read them, send new ones or delete them.