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How to choose a hosting service for WordPress

With this faq we started a series of usual questions about the process of setting up a website with WordPress hosting . If you are interested in following the series, you can follow us on Twitter where we will publish all the faqs.

How we saw what is the difference between a domain and a hosting, the hosting service or web hosting is what allows us to have all the files that make our website work stored on a computer and available 24 hours a day to which people access by typing the name of our domain in the browser. The domain is therefore a quick way to access that computer and save the web.

This series of faqs are going to be carried out in the SiteGround hosting service because it is an international company of recognized quality and because it offers in its most affordable plan some features that sooner or later you will use.

First let’s take a look at their comparative shared hosting plans  (the cloud and dedicated services will be left for larger projects):

comparative siteground

One of the good things about Siteground is that in all plans it establishes a limited disk space. No, I’m not crazy. You will find many other services online that promise not to place space restrictions. This is physically impossible because as the hard disk of your computer or the memory of your mobile there are limits everywhere.

The most affordable Siteground plan, for example, offers 10GB of web space, is it a lot or a little? For companies, it is very easy to offer additional space, but the reality is that  web traffic tends to be more important than disk space . To give you an idea, a WordPress with a standard template can occupy around 40 MB. With 10GB you have plenty to upload photographs and texts to a basic website.

More interesting is his appreciation of recommended for 10,000 visits per month. This is critical. Normally hosting services establish this parameter as a limit of monthly bandwidth (eg, 15GB of traffic) but it is somewhat difficult for the average user to understand. This forecast of 10000 visits per month will help you calculate if it is what you are looking for more or less or you need a bigger plan. Logically you can have more visits but it is likely that your site suffers.

In the detailed characteristics of the plan I would like to highlight three:

siteground functionalities
  • cPanel is a management panel of your hosting that will allow you to perform many complex administration operations with a visual interface
  • A backup or daily backup always comes in handy
  • The service of CloudFare although it is something that we will not touch at the moment is rare to find it in this type of plans
  • Access by SSH is almost impossible to find in such a plan. Also something advanced that maybe you do not use but it is enough that you have a problem so that you miss it.

Last but not least, the technical support service. The time to hire a hosting service is ideal to test the technical support with your questions and see if they are nice and fast in the answer. What makes a different hosting in my experience is  customer service because sooner or later there will be some problem to solve.

Specifically in Siteground have support through tickets, real-time chat and telephone assistance with a toll-free number so we will be well covered.

support hosting

For our tests we will hire the Startup service but if you can afford it and you will have traffic, you would definitely invest in  GrowBig  or  GoGeek