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Get more out of your email marketing

The email marketing is a new form of communication with the user through the mailing. Yes, I’m sure you’ve all heard about it and it’s very normal to find more than one promotional email – that is, it comes from a brand – in our inbox.

Every time we enter our email in a web page we are accepting, in most cases, that this brand sends us a promotional email. This is, basically, what all companies do today to remind their clients that they are there. The email marketing is here to stay because it is one of the most widely used forms of communication and the most effective: 68% of users just accessing the web through the email they have received .


It is, therefore, a form of communication and sales for the company and, for the client, a way to be aware of everything the brand does, whether it be promotions, discounts, events, etc. However, email marketing has to meet a series of requirements since today, mail servers often detect which companies use email marketing to spam their followers. That is why every email marketing campaign has to be orchestrated and have fixed objectives.

In addition to this, each of the emails that we send to our users must follow a series of guidelines . It is not only to avoid entering the spam tray directly , but also to maintain a stable line of communication, assuming the requirements of the medium with which we are working.