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Forgotten methods to advertise for free

A blog is like a small company, it needs publicity. You can have the best articles, the best content and a great innovation in your blog but nothing will help you if you do not get some publicity about it.

Nowadays advertising is worth a lot of money, however, we forget some methods that can bring us some visits in our blog, this article tries to give you some tips to get free advertising for your blog.

1. Word of mouth

Many bloggers focus exclusively on the online market and forget a very small one but it is untapped. Your circles, that is, friends, family and co-workers.

Normally if people like a blog in the long run they end up recommending it, maybe they do not seem like high quality visits, but less it gives a stone.

2. Advertising in the real world

The subtitle is something scandalous, call it the real world. Maybe many do not see it that way but I know two worlds, the real and the virtual.

The real one for me is the one that is out of the internet. We did not always have internet, before advertising was done in the real world, so to speak and it worked like a fable, because now it would not be the same …

You can do a lot of things to advertise your website, from posting posters to putting a vinyl with the address of your website in the car and another more interesting, although it seems a bit freaky, to make shirts with your Web.

I do not know if you have noticed, in the world in which we live we all look at the clothes.

3. Create controversy

Someone once told me “it does not matter that they speak ill of you, the important thing is that they speak”, this phrase has a certain truth.

Creating controversy can make you get a lot of visits, people who will come to tell you how silly you are or how wrong you are.

Many companies use this technique to increase their presence, Telecinco does it constantly.

There is no guide to create controversy, you just have to choose white or black and defend it until death.

4. Your Web in the wifi

This seems really silly to me … but it seems that nobody has thought of it or at least I have not seen anybody do it.

You live in a block of flats, where perhaps 100 people live, most of whom will have cell phones, computers, tablets, etc … What will they think if, when they are going to connect to your connection, they see a Web?

People are gossip in themselves, be sure to enter your Web.

5. On YouTube

It is important to find the keywords with more traffic, as well as the search engine positioning, it is not worth positioning a video for keywords that have no visitors.

As there is no tool specially dedicated to show the traffic of each keyword we can only guess, in this section we will learn how to do it.

Use the Adword keyword tool: It is perfectly that the tool only shows the data of the Google search engine, but even so it is interesting to check it because many are related to the visits of one and the other.

Youtube suggestions: YouTube shows suggestions while we write in your search engine, this technology is the same as Google uses, when it shows a suggestion is that a lot of people are looking for the keyword.

Google search trends: The Google Trends shows the current issues so to speak, making a video of them will bring a lot of searches but also a lot of competition.

5.1 The title of the video

One of the most important points in the positioning in the videos is the title of the video, it is very important that this title contains the keywords to position, it is very similar to applying SEO for websites.

As I understand, only 60 characters are shown in the title field, however, I believe that users can expand it, although they rarely do so.

5.2 The description of the video

The description of the video is also one of the points used to position the video, both in the YouTube and Google search engines.

If you create something similar to a quality article in it, depending on the difficulty of the keyword, it is easy for it to position itself very well in Google.

5.4 The tags or keywords

The use of tags or keywords is used to position a video within YouTube, it is advisable to include keywords.

A space separates the keywords to put them together in quotes.

5.5 The interaction of users

The most important point to position a video is the interaction that users have with them, for example, we could say that each comment, I like, visit that receives the video is a link if we compare it with the usual SEO.

However, the ones I do not like would be negative links so to speak.

Now the most important thing are the times of permanence in a video, if a user sees for a long time the video means that the content is really useful for the users, while a video that closes after a few seconds is not.

5.6 Increase the viewing time

We just commented that to position a Youtube video it is important to increase the viewing time, in this section we will talk about how to do it.

Make videos with good quality: Videos have to have a good image quality, if a video does not look good it is easy for the user to leave it.

Fun videos: Youtube is a platform related to fun or free time, do not make your videos look like a class at your school.

Videos with unique content: Any user is bored always see the same, try to innovate.