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Dismantling SSD Hosting: Pros, cons and the best accommodation in Spain

What is an SSD hosting? Well, it’s just a web hosting service that uses solid-state drives ( solid-state drive ) on its servers.

But let’s take a step back. You will be thinking What is a solid state disk?  It is a type of storage for computer equipment (eg, hard disk). Unlike classic hard drives, they have no mechanical parts (that move) and that makes them much faster. If you ever changed from a computer with a normal hard drive to one with SSD technology, you know what I’m talking about. The increase in speed is incredible.

Basically they have only one drawback … they are much more expensive.

€ 501 TB128 GB
€ 952 TB256 GB

Prices in in March 2017

Ok, but we didn’t come to talk about SSD Hosting? True, now that we know (more or less) what an SSD disk is, let’s look at SSD web hosting.

Evolution of the popularity of SSD Hosting according to Google Trends

Source: Google Trends

As you can see in the previous graph, this type of hosting has gained popularity and the highest quality web hosting providers have begun to equip their servers with solid state drives to improve the speed of the web projects they host.

Advantages and disadvantages of SSD web hosting

Main advantages of SSD hosting:

  • Higher speed . A solid disk can be 300 times faster than a traditional mechanical disk. In the following graphic we compare the loading time of two providers: SiteGround (uses SSD disks) and that does not use them. As you can see is much slower.Source: Elaborated from our tests
  • Increased reliability . Being equipped with disks without moving parts they last longer and the (mechanical) wear is less. That is why they are more confident and give less errors.
    In addition, SSD discs heat up less, make less noise and consume less energy. Although this is only relevant for those who do the maintenance of the servers, it does not affect you and me much.

As we mentioned earlier, the biggest disadvantage they have is the price. As with your computer, if you use one of these solid storage devices, the price is significantly higher.

Although SSDs are not the only element that determines the (good) speed of a hosting , they have a great impact on it. Especially if you use content managers (type WordPress, Drupal, etc.) that require constant queries to the database.

It is clear then that it is worth using when you want fast hosting and your storage needs are not huge.

Now that you know that an SSD hosting will benefit you, you’ll want to know how much they cost and which one you can trust. That’s why I bring a selection of SSD hostings you can trust.

Best SSD hostings (in Spain)

If you are evaluating SSD hosting, surely, you are worried about speed. Although this is something that must be carefully assessed, it is not everything. For example, support, interruptions and the data transfer limit are also crucial when choosing. Therefore, we have created the following table:

Load time in the tests1.82 s2.68 s2.26 s2.95 s
PriceFrom € 9.95 per month(for 10 GB)From € 6.5 per month(for 1 GB)From € 5.95 per month(for 5 GB)From 6.63 per month(for 5 GB)
Domain nameIncludedNot includedIncludedIncluded
Data transfer limitUnlimited60 GB per month100 GB per monthUnlimited
Support24 hChat, Email and Phone24 hE-mail24 hEmail and Telephone24 hE-mail
Read reviewAnalysisAnalysisAnalysisAnalysis
test itTry SiteGround without riskWebempresa test without riskTry Raiola Networks without riskDigital Factory Test without risk

And now let’s take a look at these SSD hosting providers in more detail:

SiteGround: The first of the class

SiteGround has relatively recently reached the Spanish-speaking world and it seems that they came to dominate the market. It is a relatively young company (created in 2004) originally from Bulgaria but which has become one of the most popular hostings worldwide. Currently they have more than 400 employees and manage more than 500,000 domains. They have become a hosting giant, but at the same time they continue to offer incredible personalized attention (in Spanish). They are among the few with whom you can contact by phone, chat and email 24 hours a day.

SiteGround SSD Hosting Prices:

  • € 9.95 per month for 10 GB of space (only one website)
  • € 17.95 per month for 20 GB of space
  • € 29.95 per month for 30 GB of space

What we like : We like your good customer service. They highlight their speed and availability figures. They do not limit the traffic that your site can receive and integrate free https through Let’s Encrypt.

What they should improve : Although it has servers in Europe (Amsterdam and London), it does not have servers in Spain.

> Check out our analysis and SiteGround tests

> Remember that you can try SiteGround hosting without obligation

Webempresa: A classic

It is one of the most veteran and highest quality Spanish hostings, they launched their services in 1997. For a long time they were the best alternative of shared hosting, especially for WordPress and Joomla hosting. They have more than 25,000 clients that they support 24 hours a day and ensure they respond to your problems in 30 minutes. The quality of Webempresa’s services  is excellent, it is a top provider and all its plans are on servers with solid state disks.

Webempresa prices:

  • € 6.5 per month for 1 GB of space (and 60 GB of monthly data transfer)
  • € 12.40 per month for 2 GB of space (and 120 GB of monthly data transfer)
  • € 20.75 per month for 4 GB of space (and 240 GB of monthly data transfer)

What we like : They offer 24-hour customer service. Your speed and availability data are very good. It also comes with free SSL (https) encryption via Let’s Encrypt.

What they should improve : Does not include the domain name in their prices. They could offer more web space and more data transfer at this price. Their servers are not in Spain (they are in France).

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> Try Webempresa hosting without obligation

Raiola Networks: The Newcomer

Their offices are in Lugo and despite having launched their services very recently (in 2014), they do not stop growing. Something normal if you consider the price offered by (good) services. If you go around their website you will see that many famous bloggers have decided to use (and advertise) the services of Raiola Networks . They are specialized in WordPress, Prestashop and Joomla, although you can use other popular content managers such as Drupal or Magento with them.

The prices of SSD Hosting of Raiola Networks:

  • € 5.95 per month for 5 GB of space (and 100 GB of transfer) and connect 1 domain
  • € 7.95 per month for 10 GB of space (and 200 GB of transfer) and connect 3 domains
  • € 9.95 per month for 15 GB of space (and 300 GB of transfer) and connect 5 domains

What we like : They offer telephone and email support 24 hours a day. You can have free SSL encryption with Let’s Encrypt. The speed and availability data are quite good.

What they should improve : We don’t like the monthly traffic limit and could be more generous with email accounts. On the other hand, they do not have servers in Spain, but in Europe (France).
> Read the full Raiola Networks review for more information

> Try Raiola Networks SSD hosting without risk

Digital Factory: With servers in Spain

If you are looking for an SSD hosting that has its servers in Spain, look no further, Factoría Digital is your hosting. They ensure you optimize your servers to offer the best speed. They are specialized in WordPress, Magento and PrestaShop and their customer service team is available 24 hours a day by phone and email.

The prices of Digital Factory

  • € 8.30 per month for 5 GB of space.
  • € 16.62 per month for 20 GB of space
  • € 24.96 per month for 30 GB of space

What we like : This is a quality hosting with remarkable availability. Of the few SSD hostings with servers in Spain and their customer service department is notable.

What they should improve : Their performance could be better, in our last tests they did not go as well as we would have liked. We believe that their prices are a bit high and we would have liked to see a little more speed in their performance.

> To complete the information read our detailed review of Digital Factory

> Remember that you can try the Digital Factory hosting without risk for a month

Hosting 1 and 1: Real SSD?

It is a German company founded in 1988, has several thousand workers and serves millions of customers, yes millions! It has a presence in the world: Germany, United States, Spain, Mexico, Italy, etc. In addition, its product offer is endless: hostings, web creators, email accounts, domain name sales and much more. Keep in mind that your Smart Hosting comes in small print, only the databases are hosted on SSDs , the rest are hosted on traditional hard drives, which are slower.

Smart hosting prices of 1 & 1

  • € 2.99 per month for 50 GB of space (and a website)
  • € 6.99 unlimited space (and 20 databases)
  • € 9.99 unlimited space (and unlimited databases)

What we like : Very good speed and acceptable availability. Your plans come with a domain included.

What they should improve : Contacting their technical service is not easy and it is not easy to deal with their renewal and cancellation processes. Its servers are not in Spain, although it has servers in Europe. Your system to manage hosting could be easier to use.

> See our in-depth 1 & 1 analysis for more details

> Try 1 & 1 hosting without risk

Hostinet: Low cost SSD Hosting

If you want a cheap (very) SSD hosting and do not need to have more than one domain name, Hostinet is a suitable option. It must be said that their plans offer little storage space and come with a very low monthly data transfer limit. Although it offers support via email and telephone, you have to keep in mind that it is not available 24 hours a day.

Hostinet SSD hosting

Hostinet prices:

  • € 3.6 per month for 1 GB of space (and 20 GB of monthly data transfer)
  • € 4.3 per month for 5 GB of space (and 40 GB of monthly data transfer)
  • € 5 per month for 10 GB of space (and 100 GB of monthly data transfer)

> You can try Hostinet without risk for 30 days and with a 10% discount

Latest thoughts on SSD hosting

If you want a hosting that offers you the best speed, you will have to decide on one that uses SSD technology. As you have seen, these are a bit more expensive, but in the long run they will compensate you.

There are also cheaper options like Hostinet , but you have to keep in mind that their limitations are important. Especially in the monthly data transfer.

After trying several SSD hostings, we believe SiteGround is the best option. Its performance is impeccable and its attention to the user fast and decisive. Alternatives such as Webempresa and Raiola Networks offer better prices, but if we take into account the web space they offer and the monthly data transfer limit, they do not compensate.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to leave a comment, I will be happy to answer you.