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Because it is important to cite the source of the articles

Before I followed several blogs known about my subject until one day I discovered that the only thing they did was to translate articles from other blogs in English … Specifically from Backlinko’s blog .

Then stop following them because their authority was diminished by this fact. Translate an article is good for many is useful, however, want to appropriate the content as if it were created by yourself because it does not look very good in my eyes.

This not only happens with the Marketing Websites, we also find similar cases in most of the themes.

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1. Why you should always link the source

Users usually trust you and the information you offer them but they are not stupid and sooner or later they will just realize that all you do is translate content.

It is important that whenever you use an article to generate another you must link the source in this way you make it clear to the users that the content is not yours.

Appropriating content that is not yours can make you look good in the short term but eventually everything ends up discovering and the more famous your blog is, the easier it is for someone to find the original article.

2. Does it harm to cite the source?

Quoting the original source of the article does not hurt you at all, neither in the eyes of Google nor to the users of your website.

Many users probably do not know other languages ​​and they will thank you for offering them information in their language that otherwise they could hardly find.

vRegarding Google it works quite well if the source is a quality site (which they usually are), you already know that linking quality Web sites we increase the Trustrank of the Web site.