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Aspects to value before buying your hosting and domain

Web hosting and domain name are one of the most important elements of any web project. Without one of these components, it will be impossible to set up a web page.

Sometimes we receive comments from users who confuse these two concepts. Therefore, we clarify what role the domain name and hosting have.

Note: If you already know the difference between hosting and domains and are looking for cheap hosting and domain providers , skip to the next section.

What is a domain name

It is a system by which we assign names, more or less, easy to remember to servers that host websites. Thus, we don’t need to remember combinations of strange numbers (the IP addresses of the servers).

Screenshot of the IP

This capture reveals the IP name

For example, remembering is much easier than typing your official IP ( every time you want to check Google, right ?.

But in addition to identifying websites, the domain name is important for email accounts. You will not be able to have an email account of the type if you have not previously obtained the domain name

You can understand the domain name as the label that identifies a supermarket.

What is hosting for?

Having only one domain name doesn’t help much if you don’t have a hosting to associate it with. This is comparable to having a sign for a supermarket, but not having a physical space to sell products to your customers, absurd!

Therefore, if you need a place to host your website, you will have to hire a hosting. There are many types of hostings , but shared hosting is sufficient for most projects.

If you are interested in learning more about what a hosting is and how it works, you can download our free ebook , there we tell you everything.

Where to buy hosting and domain (cheap)

You do not have to have the domain name and hosting with the same provider. For example, you can have the domain name with 1 & 1 and hosting with Raiola Networks

In fact, personally, I prefer to keep them separately for a couple of reasons:

  • I have more control over the domain name
  • Migrating the website to another hosting is faster
  • It is usually cheaper

If you’re just looking for a provider to host your domain name, you can check out Namecheap (in English) and GoDaddy .

Hostings that include domain names:

Hostalia: With datacenters in Spain and free domain

Hostalia home page

Hostalia is one of the most popular hosting providers in Spain, they manage 95,000 domains and have 25,000 customers. From their offices in Bilbao, they offer support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Your prices :

  • Standard : € 3.99 per 100GB of web space and 50 email accounts. Includes 1 free domain.
  • Unlimited : € 6.99 for unlimited space, 100 email accounts and double RAM. Includes 2 free domain.
  • Unlimited Pro : € 12.99 for unlimited space, 250 email accounts, 3 free domains and 2GB of RAM.

For your free domain name, you can choose between several domain extensions: .es, .com,, .net, .org,, .biz, .info, .name, .eu,. cat. But in addition to these they also have extensions such as .mobi, .madrid, .barcelona or

> Try Hostalia for free 3 months

Dinahosting: From 0 to 165,000 customers since 2001

Dinahosting hosting with domain name

Dinahosting is one of the most popular hosting providers in Spain. This Galician provider has managed to serve more than 165,000 customers and hosts more than 250,000 domain names. In addition, it employs a hundred people and they invoice about 14 million euros, as you see a very transparent organization.

Dinahosting prices :

  • Basic Hosting : € 5.70 per month for 7GB of web space, 1 FTP account, unlimited data transfer and a domain name included.
  • Advanced Hosting : € 11 per month for 20GB of space, unlimited FTP accounts, unlimited traffic and speed optimization. This price also includes a domain name.

Keep in mind that Dinahosting offers interesting discounts for the first hiring period. You can choose between multiple extensions for your domain name (eg .es, .com, .org or .info).

> Try Dinahosting accommodation

Digital Factory: WordPress experts

Factoría Digital is one of the few providers that offers (shared hosting) servers located in Spain. Although it must be said that their prices are a bit high and are not suitable for all budgets. Keep in mind that they limit the monthly traffic that your website can receive and could offer more web space at this price. To learn more about your hosting, check out our video.

Your Prices :

  • Basic: € 12.46 for 10 GB of web space.
  • Professional: € 16.62 for 20 GB of web space.
  • Company: € 24.96 for 30 GB of web space.

All Digital Factory plans come with a domain name in all their packages. The extensions you can register are: .com, .es, .net,,, .info, .org,, .mobi, .cat, .asia, .us,., etc.

> Try the Digital Factory hosting without risk for a month

SiteGround: Good performance and free domain the first year

It is one of the shared hostings that offers the highest quality, in our tests and tests they were the ones that offered the highest performance. In addition, SiteGround technical support is effective and fast. You can contact by phone, chat or email. You have to keep in mind that its price is a bit higher than other competitors, but it must be said that they are not the most expensive in the market either.

Your Prices :

  • StartUp: € 9.95 for 10 GB of web space and a free domain the first year
  • GrowBig: € 17.95 for 20 GB of web space and a free domain the first year
  • GoGeek: € 29.95 for 30 GB of web space and a free domain the first year

SiteGround gives you a domain name during the first year. You can register typical domains such as: .es, .org, .net .com, etc. Renewing the domain name will cost you € 11.95 per year.

> Try SiteGround hosting without risk for a month

Raiola Networks: Hosting and domain

They are one of the youngest web hosting providers on the market in Spanish. They offer 24-hour customer service and their performance was remarkable in our tests and tests. One of the weaknesses of Raiola Networks is that they limit the traffic that your website can receive and the email accounts that you can create. Find out more about this hosting in our video.

Your Prices :

  • Start: € 5.95 for 5 GB of web space and 100 GB of monthly data transfer
  • Base: € 7.95 for 10 GB of web space and 200 GB of monthly data transfer
  • Medium: € 9.95 for 15 GB of web space and 300 GB of monthly data transfer
  • Pro: € 11.95 for 30 GB of web space and 500 GB of monthly data transfer

Hosting plans bring a free domain during the first year. But later, this will cost you about € 13 per year. Note that you can register the following extensions: .es, .eu, .com,, .info, .org,, .net, .uk, .us.

> Try Raiola Networks hosting without risk for a month

1 & 1 The German internet giant

It is originally from Germany and is one of the largest suppliers that exist. They have thousands of workers and have millions of customers. 1 & 1 offers almost everything, email, email marketing services, servers and of course, domain names and hosting (cheap). Your hosting is of quality and the performance is satisfactory. But before deciding on them, take a look at our video and know its advantages and disadvantages.

Your Prices :

  • Starter: € 2.99 for 1 website, 1 database and 50 GB of web space
  • Basic: € 6.99 per 100 GB of web space and 25 databases
  • Unlimited Pro: € 9.99 with unlimited web space and databases
  • Unlimited Plus: 14.99 with unlimited web space and databases plus CDN service

The first year the domain name is included, then this will cost you about € 9.99 per year. You can register the following extensions: .es, .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .eu,,, .website, .club, .me.

> Try 1 & 1 hosting without risk for a month

Host Europe: If you need more than one domain

It is a German provider that offers competitive prices for hosting and domain. In addition, they are generous with the web space and do not limit the traffic that your website may receive. Although it must be said that they limit the number of email accounts and databases that you can use. Being honest, your performance during our tests and tests were not the best. Check out our video to learn more about Host Europe .

Your Prices :

  • Starter: € 2.99 for 25 GB of web space and 1 domain name
  • Business: € 4.99 for 125 GB of web space and 2 domain names
  • Business: € 9.99 with unlimited web space and 3 domain names

The domains included for free must be of the type: .com,, .es, .info, .net, .cat,, .org and

Hosting and domain for WordPress, what to choose?

There are many possibilities that you are looking for the best hosting (and domain) for WordPress. If so, consider hiring SiteGround and Raiola Networks. They are specialized in WordPress and its servers optimized for this CMS.

Although if you want to find the best hosting for your WordPress site, check out our detailed guide .

Latest thoughts

You can buy a domain name (eg, .es or .com) for less than € 15 per year. That is why it is not very important if the hosting you choose comes with domain or not. There are other things that you should look at before (eg, on the stand, the price, the speed, etc.).

If you bring a professional project and want the best quality, I would advise you to take a look at SiteGround, Hostalia or Dinahosting if you are looking for something a little cheaper but with less quality.