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7 tips to get more visits on your blog

We already told you that it is not easy to create a corporate blog  with a good web design in which to talk about your brand and relevant topics in the sector in which you move. Well, if this is already complicated, the issue of getting visitors and turning this into money, it is even more so! 

When a blog does not receive enough visits to monetize or simply to be able to spread the content that is costing you so much to develop, there are usually two situations: surrender or keep fighting to improve.

It is clear that with what it costs to take forward the contents for a blog, we only need that nobody reads it or that we have only a very small group of visitors. This problem can be solved and you can increase the visits in the blog , but of course you have to know whywe do not have the level of visits in the blog that we want.

Why do not you have enough visits on the blog or on your website?

There are many reasons that make your blog have hardly any visitors  on the blog and that this frustrates you a little – although we already know that some more than others. The issue is that normally there is not only one reason why your blog does not receive visits, but it is usually a convergence of small things that leads your potential readers not to enter your blog. These are some of the reasons why you do not have visitors on the blog – or at least the ones you would like to have.

The content is not relevant : It happens constantly .. Sometimes, however much you work the contents it is very possible that they are not as interesting as you think.

You do not work in social networks : It is very important that the effort you make in creating the content, work the fact the diffusion of your work, Share, share, share !. You are sure that you do not make mistakes in social networks

You limit yourself to a single audience : Sometimes, our target can be much broader than what we set out at the beginning. Do not close doors and increase visits on the blog!

Because it’s not mobile friendly : Sometimes, the few visits on the blog is because the design of the blog, loading time, adapting to different screen sizes, etc., gets potential readers to leave your blog and resort to another.


Take advantage of Google’s free tools

It seems an obvious thing, is not it? . Well you would be surprised of the people who start a blog and do not perform the basic tasks to control the progression of your website. First of all register in Analytics  , you will need a gmail account that will be valid for all the configuration processes. In short, do not try to start the house on the roof, having access to the analytics of your web is fundamental, the hosting does not provide reliable information of your visits, performs views in analytics

Once you are registered in Analytics, create the different views of your blog in search console  and configure it correctly:  language, preferred domain, upload the robots.txt file and send the sitemap, if you do not have a sitemap and you do not know how to create it, plugins like Yoast automatically generate it for you, there are also automatic generation tools if you do not use WordPress, but if you want something professional I do not recommend another CMS.

These things that I have mentioned are the pillars of your blog, if you configure these tools correctly you will have a good base to start working on the SEO of your website, titles, descriptions etc, you would be surprised by many people who publish technical things in theory and dan de gurus and does not have the robots.txt file properly configured and does not know that it is search console, much less has it configured

Organize the contents

It is very important that you are able to create a content plan . If you do not know what you are going to write each day, how will you be motivated to do it? The organization has to work very well in what is the subject of content marketing.

In addition, it is very important that we work different formats within the blog itself, such as text, videos, links, etc. All that adds up and of course will help us to show that we know what we are doing.

Turn your readers into your ambassadors

There’s nothing better than word of mouth , and that’s the way it is. The most important thing when working with the brand on the Internet is that it is very important that our readers are our most important point of support . So Focus on doing what more they like : create specific post with doubts or fears, ask what they want to read and write, analyze your blog comments to know what you can improve and how to do it …

Change the appearance to your blog

To many this does not seem something so important for what many end up resorting to free templates, bad images and poor quality, etc. All this not only affects the aesthetics of your blog , but also affects load times , the usability and, above all, the experience you have your user with your blog. If the blog is not working, this can be a problem since the consumer will not feel comfortable and will not look for more information.

Create an Email Marketing strategy

Another case that we must do is create good diffusion of our contents and the best way to do it is Email Marketing . It is clear that we should not abuse either. For example: if we write every day it is not advisable to send an email every day, one at the end or beginning of the week picking the most interesting posts is the most correct.

In this way, you will reach your customers in a more personal and faster way than with any other social network .

You already see that improvement is always possible and that everything is not always lost. The work on the Internet is slow , so do not despair if you have just started is just normal that you may have visited in the blog.

However, if you are of those who mess with this becomes the creation of content and do not know how to implement this series of tips it is best to let your corporate blog in the hands of a professional .

Add more update services

In order to spread your content better online, I recommend you add update services, if you use wordpress, go to settings and press typing:

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Go to the bottom of the page and you can add update services, by default you will have 1 and marked the category of the blog without category, if you have not renamed it do it and put the most important as main

Use social aggregators and social networks

Every time the social networks help us more to spread our contents: besides the classic ones like facebook, twitter and Google Plus you should not leave aside the power of linkedin

If your page is related to marketing you can use: